Part II – Behind the Scenes with Philip Winchester

Last week we learned a bit about Philip’s childhood growing up between Montana and London. This week Philip is giving us a peek into how he and Megan finally were able to be together on the same continent in the same time zone!

Philip is starting his post-drama school career in London and Megan has graduated high school in Montana, USA. When in doubt, assume that we’re both laughing even harder than in Part I.

Like all of us, actors are more than their jobs.

10 Reasons to Watch X Company

Although X Company has finished airing it’s three seasons in the UK and Canada, it’s only recently been brought to the US by Ovation. Season 2 starts next week, Monday, May 7th at 10/9c. We highly recommend you check out this series, starring none other than our SGT MacAllister, Warren Brown. Here are our top…