The Sit Rep: Strike Back: Legacy, Season Look Back

In our lead up to the next season we’re looking back at everything that has come before. Take a journey through the first “final” season, Legacy,  in which Kelsey and Deb say goodbye to Section 20 and Scott and Stonebridge.

Behind the Scenes with Philip Winchester, Part I

A look behind the curtain. Welcome to the next in our series of conversations with Philip Winchester! By request, we focused mainly on life outside of acting this time with the goal of answering many of the questions you’ve all asked over time. Hopefully this peek into “real life” opens up a bit of Philip’s background and everyday life to help fans better understand what informs his craft. Like all of us, actors are more than their jobs.

Strike Back Crib – Sit Rep Podcast

We’re so excited to announce that we will be starting a Strike Back themed podcast just in time for the new season to start Jan 25th. We’ve already lined up fabulous guests, kicking off with showrunner Jack Lothian for a preseason, what to expect. Make sure you subscribe once we go live so you don’t…