The Sit Rep: A Look at Strike Back:Vendetta Episode 7 with Dan MacPherson & Paul Biddiss

Your new Strike Back Sit Rep is up! We take an in-depth look at episode seven, hear from @DanMacPherson on why we can’t blame Wyatt, get our peek behind the scenes from @Jack_Lothian’s Jack’s Facts, then spend some time with stellar military advisor Paul Biddiss #StrikeBack and close it all out with the man, the myth, the Hawaiian shirt legend, Dan Macpherson

Dan MacPherson’s Infini

Science Fiction has long been a way for us to grapple with questions about humanity, a disguise that often makes sensitive issues easier to deal with. Think Battlestar Galactica addressing what defines humanity and through that the banality of discrimination. Infini is no exception to this, a sci-fi horror movie that constantly grapples with the…