The Sit Rep: “See” S03E02: Watch Out for Wolves

In This week’s #ActionSitRep podcast we react to #See Season 3, episode 2 – Watch Out for Wolves. Baba is back in town and things go as well as you might expect.




It’s ALWAYS a better day when Dean Jagger is on our tellies. Okay maybe not for the poor guy he burned alive in episode 1 but… Images courtesy AppleTV
Tamakti Jun doesn’t quite agree with his Queen on the problem of Sibith.
Meanwhile, Maghra pimps out Lord Harlan.
Sibith still thinks she’s in control.

Charlotte always ready to tell Haniwa exactly what she needs to hear.
Kofun finally meets the baby but doesn’t fund quite what he expected.
Baba Voss slipped right into Maghra’s chambers and happiness reigned. Yeah, right!

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