The Sit Rep: Strike Back Series Finale with John Richards and Alin Sumarwata

Our season 8 and Strike Back series finale Sit Rep podcast is live! Go behind the scenes with executive ptoducer/writer/showrunner Jack Lothian, blame Wyatt one last time with Dan MacPherson and then hear from series editor John Richards and the incredible Alin Sumarwata.




Special thanks to Grainne Nugent for all of the beautiful Strike Back edits she has gifted us to use here for the Sit Rep and our Strike Back Crib and pwinchesterfans social media pages. Please check out her work at EmeralsIsleEdit, and on twitter/instragram at emeraldisleedit

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  1. Jono says:

    The last episode was a disgrace, an embarrassment, amateur and an hour of my life I can never get back.

    Horrible writing, ridiculous closing plot and and episode that was creatively disgraceful.

    Did the entire creative team quit before shooting the last episode?

    Did not one person stop and realize that they were trying to do too much in one episode.

    What a poor way to end such a great franchise.

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