The Action Sit Rep:

In our latest #SitRep podcast we chat with the incomparable Hoon Lee about his character Toad on @AppleTVPlus #See, plus a little more celebration for #WarriorMAX

Classic Sit Rep: True Grit

In our latest #ClassicSitRep we compare the John Wayne classic #TrueGrit with its 2010 Cohen brothers remake.

Classic Action Sit Rep!

In our first #ClassicAction #SitRep, @Wee3Minis has us watching the 1967 WWII film #DirtyDozen!

The Action Sit Rep

You might noticed a small change to The Crib. The day has finally come when we’ve had to accept that Strike Back is most likely not coming back. That, this time, when Left Bank Pictures said “it’s over” they really did mean it. We’ll NEVER lose all hope, and we’ll still give priority to covering…

The Sit Rep: Brett Chan, The Man We HAD to Talk To!

In our latest #SitRep we finally talk with the person you’ve heard from day one is THE person we need to talk with – the incredible stunt coordinator from #WarriorMAX, Brett Chan! We had the privilege of chatting all about his work on the series and so much more. You don’t want to miss this one!

The Sit Rep: Hoon Lee.

In our latest #SitRep we chat with @Cinemax royalty, @MisterHoonLee about portraying the complicated and intriguing Chao in #WarriorMAX and how important it is to get a season 3

The Sit Rep: Warrior Episode 5 with Guest Joe Taslim

Thrilled to bring you the newest #SitRep in which we get to chat with the extraordinary @Joe_Taslim all about Li Yong, filming episode 5, Not for a Drink, a F*ck, or a G*damn Prayer, and beating up a childhood idol!

WARRIOR is Back!

Warrior is finally back on Cinemax and we are excited to share our thoughts on the premiere of season 2!

The Sit Rep: Rogue Review

In the latest #SitRep we chat about @philipwinchestr’s latest film #Rogue, now available on demand! Check out what we thought below!

The Sit Rep: Trackers Episode 3

This week we share our reactions to Trackers episode 3 – the action ramped up significantly and our favorite baddie has a very bad day. Anchor: Apple: Google: Spotify:

The Sit Rep with Ivana Milicevic!

Newest #SitRep with the incredibly charming @ivanamilicevic chatting all about her super baddie Ariana DeMachi. We had such a lovely time, enjoy Mebers! #StrikeBack

The Sit Rep: A Look at Strike Back:Vendetta Episode 7 with Dan MacPherson & Paul Biddiss

Your new Strike Back Sit Rep is up! We take an in-depth look at episode seven, hear from @DanMacPherson on why we can’t blame Wyatt, get our peek behind the scenes from @Jack_Lothian’s Jack’s Facts, then spend some time with stellar military advisor Paul Biddiss #StrikeBack and close it all out with the man, the myth, the Hawaiian shirt legend, Dan Macpherson

Back in Action – Philip Winchester is Right Where He Wants to Be

Welcome to the next in our series of chats Philip. When we originally scheduled this catch-up Philip expected that he would have just finished doing dialogue recording for Rogue and have seen a cut of the movie. Unfortunately, ADR ran into some scheduling conflicts for those involved, as so often happens, which put him right…

Part III, Behind the Scenes with Philip Winchester

Behind the Scenes with Philip Winchester, Part III, the final chapter in what turned out to be a much more extensive conversation than anticipated! The questions are a bit more random and at times more serious.

Hopefully this series has answered some of your questions and given you a glimpse of this actor’s life outside of his roles. If you’re like me, it definitely creates even more questions, so send them in. If we’re lucky we just might get the chance to ask them!

Part II – Behind the Scenes with Philip Winchester

Last week we learned a bit about Philip’s childhood growing up between Montana and London. This week Philip is giving us a peek into how he and Megan finally were able to be together on the same continent in the same time zone!

Philip is starting his post-drama school career in London and Megan has graduated high school in Montana, USA. When in doubt, assume that we’re both laughing even harder than in Part I.

Like all of us, actors are more than their jobs.

Bee Wrangling Will Always Be the Most Important Job: A Post SVU Chat with Philip Winchester

When this interview was originally planned, it was intended to be the final in a series taking a look at how the twentieth season of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit had gone for Peter Stone and Philip Winchester. That all abruptly changed with Winchester’s unexpected release from the show in March followed by his subsequent public announcement in April. True to his word as always, Philip didn’t hesitate to follow through with the interview. A few days after returning home to Montana and before the season finale we connected for a chat about what happened, the future of “Peter Stone” and more importantly how he was enjoying some much-needed respite with family and friends and what the future holds.